Thank you for your interest in SeeBeShop.Com. Our website is connecting with vendors, professionals, influencers, and individuals who not only show excellence in their respective areas but have a desire to support our mission of empowering children and families.   I hope that our power point presentation and/or discussion gave you an exciting glance into and our mission.  We are hopeful that you and your unique brand of amazing are the right fit for our site. We invite you to join and help us as we create a new platform dedicated to providing families with resources, communication, virtual activities, and an amazing boutique style shopping.

As per our conversation, the BE section of our site will be dedicated to areas that allow children to BE.  Our aim of BE is to give children the chance to enjoy zoom, guided lessons, and experience tried and true from experts in the field such as yourself. We are able to make BE of a success by offering as many options and opportunities in each area and promoting you and your services. Be it individual classes, group lessons, demonstration and the like, we are able to showcase services and talents of our service providers while providing top notch service to children.


  • Fill out the form below with the information to put on the site.

We need from you

  • Picture for the icon for the site- if you have a logo or a picture or if not we will put one up for you
  • Describe what you do- if you have a blurb from somewhere else- give us that. Not long- just so we can tell people who you are. if you don’t DO NOT FRET just call yourself something- an artist, a movement instructor, expert foodie, yogi etc.
  • What your will be teaching- a statement description of what you are doing. You can take a look at the site right now for examples.
  • Day/time/length – available for the class, or lesson. If you are currently giving a lesson and its possible that you prefer to promote spots in that – you can as long as we arrange that with you so that we have the zoom codes etc. and we go over that with you in advance.
  • Charge of the event- for every participant.
  • What are the age range and limitations if any

Now what:

FILL OUT THE FORMS QUICKLY SO WE CAN START SHOWING YOU OFF. The forms are not time consuming. They are exactly what you wish to promote and your fee for service. The more creative you can be, the more services that can get promoted. This is a business opportunity for you.

BE CREATIVE As a third party for your service, we are hoping that you are creative in your offering, generous with the time you allot for your services and most successful at reaching a greater audience for your incredible services.  But start off with whatever is comfortable for you.

SIT BACK AND RELAX once you agree you and/or all of your services will be promoted and actualized on the site. We will take care of all arrangements from our site. We will provide an email with zoom information. We will provide a listing of the needed materials prior to the class (which you give us). If you prefer, we will offer a link to purchase materials on the site.

YOU ARE FREE TO DO YOUR BEST EVERYWHERE Please note, we know that we do not have exclusivity to your services. We wish you the best of luck on all your ventures, both those connected and not connected to our site. We will not however refer to any other website or shopping engine.

RETAIL OPPORTUNITY TOO: If there is merchandise that you wish to market for your services on the site, or any retail that is relevant to your work that you are hoping to sell, please let us know. If we are able to, we will showcase for purchase through links to the SHOP part of the site.  Our retail division will contact you if we have questions.  That’s a different form!

PAYMENT: To be clear, our site is a business opportunity.  But unlike other opportunities, we ask for a percentage only after the sale is made, nothing up front from your services. And we will promote you and as many services as we can accommodate for you. In this relationship, only when you make money will we make money. No other fee. All service fees range between 20-30 percent.

Rate of 15 percent for all merchandise sold on the site.

HOW DO I GET THE LOWEST RATE OF PAYMENT? Although is a business, we are dedicated to our mission. We want everyone who comes to the site to benefit in some way. As such, we ask that all service providers give to the site in some way. We don’t ask for any additional time.  But either resources or skills to our site free of charge. Routine donations of anything that could be a resource for children, such as a list of tips, a prerecorded demonstration, or a downloadable will go a long way in helping children and families. While we do not give the specifics, the more you give, the smaller our commission of service. We ask that once you are on the site, you send in something for the site. If you give back to the site, your rate drops to 20 percent.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: will pay service providers every two weeks the amount earned minus our percentage. Please let us know method of preference.

SCHEDULING:  We ask that you give us monthly schedule. We will send requests for changes for the upcoming month the third week of each month.

Please feel free to reach out with additional comments, suggestions or questions.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our family.