I am also sick of being in my house

I am also sick of being in my house. You should try doing things. Go on your swing set, take a walk, go biking, swim and try coloring. You can try to do new stuff. Try cleaning something you have not cleaned before. Or cook new things and eat them. Camp will soon come and corona virus is going to be over. I also miss camp but I try to go swimming and do other stuff when it is hot to make it feel like I am in camp

I don’t want to be stuck doing nothing anymore

I am so sick of everything and everyone in my house. I don’t want to be stuck doing nothing anymore. Time for new stuff. Time to hook onto new fun. If I look at my closet one more time I am going to scream.. Yuck! I need new!!! Its like that first day back from camp where its good to break free from what you had for weeks. But longer and now I miss camp… I guess I used to be Yay to being home. Now no way. I don’t think I am ever going back inside during the day again. Even if it rains I am going to be outside. My neighbors got this new puppy. I hate dogs but I don’t care that they walk it near me. I wonder if there are going to be strong rules all summer? I hope not!! Like why not hanging out at a pizza store???

I don’t know

I don’t know. My mother is totally spending too much time in my business. She checks with school zoom, makes sure I only take healthy snacks, keeps my Tik Tok to like an hour and that’s just a few stuff. I hope things end soon so she won’t think about haircuts. We are lucky no one in our families got sick.

I loved this Corona time too

Hey! So if you can say it I can say it. I loved this Corona time too. I got a bad haircut from someone in my family but luckily no one is seeing me that close up. I can wear a hoodie too. Great idea so no one can see my hair. I love this Corona time because I get to spend so much time with my mom, dad, sisters and brothers. I hate being bored but I do think I have lots of fun things to do. I play outside, swim and color. If you think about it, being bored is so much better than being full of annoying things and people you don’t care that much about.

Kid to Kid

Hey. So am I the only kid in the world who loved every day of corona?! No more Regents made life so chill. My hair has been gross but no pressure. A hoody and zoom with a background that no one can tell. Not missing anything or feeling pressure to be invited because nothing is happening. Anyone else dreading the going back to before?