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  • BARI LYNN Braided Knot Headband w/ Crystals


    This stylishly knotted headband with studded multi color jewel embellishment and in several options: Sherbet, Yellow, Light Pink/Black, Pastel, Black, Assorted

  • BARI LYNN Double Fur Headband No Stones


    Two fur designed headband and comes in 3 color options: Ivory, White, Pink

  • BARI LYNN Emoji Headbands


    Multi colored headbands with Swarovski crystals. Comes in multiple design options: Rainbow Heart & Star, Ice cream, Smile, Cupcake, Flower Girl, Happy and Flower Peace

  • BARI LYNN Fully Stoned Lurax Knot Headband


    A perfectly knotted headband embellished in stones and comes in multiple color options: Black and Red, LP and Silver, Red and Blue, Silver and Black, Assorted

  • BARI LYNN Fully Stoned Tweed Knot Headbands – BLK/WHITE


    Knotted in a tweed design, this dainty headband flaunts crystal accents. Comes with Swarovski crystal/polyurethane.

    Size: 5 in. width by 7 in. height

  • BARI LYNN Hologram Flower Headband


    Complete her outfit with hologram flower in this Bari Lynn headband, comes in the following colors: Aqua, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender

  • BARI LYNN Neon Bandana Scrunchies No Crystals


    A knotted bandana detailed in several color options: Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink and Assorted

  • BARI LYNN No Stone Classic Pearl Knot Headband


    Bari Lynn’s classic pearl knotted headbands in several stylish colors: Mint, Light Pink, White, Hot Pink, Mauve, Ivory, Black, Gold, Lavender, Navy, Blue and Assorted

    No Stones included

  • BARI LYNN No Stones Galaxy Knot Headband


    Knotted top headbands in various galaxy themed colors: Light Pink, Mauve, Hot Pink, White, Rainbow, Lavender and Fuchsia

  • BARI LYNN Stoned Straw Stripe Headbands


    Stylish headbands adorned in stones with multiple color options: Navy, Red, Blue, Rainbow, Pink, Pastel and Assorted

  • BARI LYNN Tie Dye Knot Headbands w/Crystals


    Knotted top headbands adorned in crystals in tie dye design with two color options: Rainbow and Pastel

  • BARI LYNN Tie Knot Bandana w/ Crystals


    Bandana’s’ in a perfectly tied top knot adorned with crystals. Comes in several color options: Red, Navy, White, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Royal, Black, Neon, Black & White, Assorted

  • BARI LYNN Unicorn Horn Headband


    This headband designed with cat ears and a unicorn horn that comes in several color options: Pink/Gold, Rainbow, Pink/Blue, Silver, Ombre Rainbow, Ombre Pastel, Ombre Pink/Purple, Assorted

  • BARI LYNN XL Multi Tone Fur Stoned Headband


    An XL hand made headband adorned with stones in two stylish colors: Rainbow or Green/Aqua/Pink