Our Story

SEE BE SHOP is a new platform that allows for kids’ dreams to be made into a reality. We create connections. We lend support and give opportunity to shine. We take the leg work out of searching for what kids really want.

This site focuses and markets to businesses whose merchandise is what kids really crave, is relevant to the times we live in and who share a sensitivity towards their customers. Top vendors, top merchandise, with ease and a heart will all be found on one website!
The goal is to create a newfound connection between consumer and seller. We are a platform in today’s market where the products connect the consumer to a source that will help bring good feelings now and in the future.

Our site goes beyond retail. Our site will showcase instructors and virtual projects that children and families can access. Children today are used to on-line instruction as never before. This site works with that newfound skill and comfort to provide children with free downloads and project ideas that they can enjoy. Children have access to instructors of various skill sets for chance to build skill. We will also offer resources to families and opportunities to become inspired and supported. Join the family. Together we will fly high!

Dr. Boczko

Adoringly referred to as “Dr. B” by her patients, families and colleagues, Dr. Chassia Boczko, a leading clinical child psychologist, has dedicated 20 years to empowering children and families. Her private practice in Woodmere, New York provides service and consultation for children, families, teachers and staff at recognized institutions and schools in the Tristate area. Dr. Boczko has been involved in research in the United States and internationally. Since the Pandemic began, Dr. Boczko has been on the front lines in providing emotional support to children and families. This site and the #GoBe line was created because of her drive to do more and align herself with other professionals and people with similar ambitions.