Ideas for Kids

Use a Journal

There is a huge benefit to writing things down. It allows someone the chance to get their feelings out, while remaining private. Through the writing process a person can try to process what happened. Writing things out is often easier than talking about it. Writing creates a reference that a person can use to refer back over time. There is no one to grade what is written in a journal. It is convenient and easily accessible.

Create a positive mantra:

Our feelings have a lot to do with what we think and say. Our reality is based on the messages we tell ourselves. Take a moment to think about what messages you send to yourself. Are you thinking about things in the positive? Do you notice the good in front of you? Or are you finding the faults, what is wrong or what still needs to be done? When we flip things for the good, or at least start off in finding a positive, it creates a chain reaction that helps us to actually see the positive and feel better. Take practice flipping things for the good. Start off by developing a mantra about yourself as you start your day. Find something good to hold onto and you will have the extra boost you need to make it. If you cannot think of it remember that story the engine that could. I think I can I think I can. Positive thinking helps for happy living.