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    I am the mother of three daughters. Right now, we are all healthy. A month ago my husband had corona and was sick in bed for a week and a half. We had to keep away, which was better for the girls who did not see him in his weak and infirm state. Since that time, my youngest, who is 8 is overly protective of him. Although he is working in our home office, she constantly checks up on him. She prefers to hang out with us then zoom friends or even bike ride. She will if we insist but I can tell her heart isn’t as focused. Seems that while Corona is out of his system, its not out of hers. Anyone have distracted children?

  • What can I tell you?

    What can I tell you? After I got Corona my 10 year old would not leave my side. She literally would not be in another room without me. At first I did not realize what was going on. I as actually so proud she was listening to me, and always helpful. It started with bed time when she had a tougher time and for the first time asked that I wait until she fell asleep. Over time it got worse. I asked a professional and she told me 1- to give her something of mine so that she could have me in a way she could handle 2- come up with a private sign that we do that means we are safe and I will see you later. Slowly it has been better. Its still hard but yesterday she went on an outdoor playdate ( until it rained!) and did ok.

  • Wow! I am in the opposite position

    Wow! I am in the opposite position. Because of all their free time, some of my kids don’t pay any attention to me at all. My eldest daughter is literally a zombie of Tik Tok. I ask her to play, walk, talk with me or my husband and she is not interested at all. We were eating dinner. I offered to have game night together. She literally looked at me as if I am out of my mind. I’m not going to say it doesn’t bother me but right now I am so busy with taking care of everything that I am not crying about it.

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